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9 июля 2021 г. Bosch exec: China's policies to boost energy efficiency

The Robert Bosch logo at the company's research and development centre Campus Renningen during a guided media tour in Renningen, Germany, on Sept 30, 2015. [Photo/Agencies]


China's policies to accelerate the growth of green finance and a low carbon economy will increase energy efficiency, expand the supply of green energy, and procure more green power in its next developing stage, said a German business leader.


Climate change calls for action not only in the mobility sector, but in all industries. In consumer goods, products are becoming increasingly energy-efficient, especially heaters and home appliances. In manufacturing, lines are being upgraded so they are smarter and more energy efficient, said Volkmar Denner, chairman of the board of management at Robert Bosch GmbH.


The German industrial giant invested 500 million euros ($594.4 million) in electro-mobility, including NEV powertrains and fuel cells in China last year. For the existing market of diesel and gasoline engines, it has introduced advanced exhaust treatment technologies to minimize emissions. The company is looking into renewable synthetic fuels that will make combustion engines carbon neutral in the future.


"We have set up a fuel cell technical center in Wuxi, Jiangsu province, and also achieved volume production of 48-volt batteries in Wuxi and eAxles - a compact, cost-attractive electric drive solution for battery-electric vehicles and hybrid applications, in Taicang in the same province. They are key technologies for hybrid and electric vehicles," he added. [from China Daily]


9 июля 2021 г. Suez Canal incident puts focus on global food flow

The Ever Given, one of the world's largest container ships, is partially refloated in Egypt's Suez Canal on March 29,2021. The vessel ran aground on March 23 and virtually blocked the vital channel for east-west cargo. [Photo/Agencies]


The novel coronavirus epidemic has brought about challenges to the stability of the global food supply and logistics chains and added fresh risks to China's food imports. The recent blocking of the Suez Canal by a stranded container vessel is a reminder that transportation security is crucial to ensuring the security of China's food imports, and it must hold a long-term view and enhance its global food supply chain management capacity.


Grain is one of the main goods in the dry bulk transportation at sea, accounting for more than 10 percent of the total sea dry bulk transportation, behind only iron ore and coal. At present, the global grain trade mainly depends on the routes of the Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean and Indian Ocean. Once these trade routes are blocked, the global grain supply chain will be disrupted thus pushing up global grain prices.


The recent canal accident has so far had a limited impact on China's grain imports. But this is because the sources of China's grain imports are mainly from the Americas, with soybean imports from Brazil, the United States and Argentina accounting for more than 90 percent of its total soybean imports. In recent years, China has been diversifying its grain imports, beginning to source grain from Russia, Ukraine, and Central Asian and African countries. High-quality wheat imports from Central Asia and Russia are mainly carried by freight trains between China and Europe, and only corn and wheat imports from Ukraine and France are shipped through the Suez Canal, but the volume from these two countries is relatively small.


Logistics and transportation are key links in the global food security chain. China should work with other countries to strengthen global logistics infrastructure and establish a multidimensional transportation network that integrates railway, sea and air routes to ensure the security of food transportation. It should cultivate multinational grain merchants, encourage domestic grain enterprises to go global to establish large-scale overseas grain production, processing, storage and transportation bases and fully participate in the reconstruction of the global grain industry, value and supply chains. On the basis of economic and trade cooperation, China should also try to establish a diversified food cooperation mechanism and promote diversification of grain import sources to reduce possible trade risks.


1 июля 2021 г. AppyWay provides real-time parking information for Morrison Energy Services

Smart parking and mobility technology company, AppyWay and Morrison Energy Services, a part of M Group Services, have teamed up to provide its smart metering teams with real-time parking information.

The AppyWay app is providing Morrison Energy Services’ London-based smart metering team with a view of all parking options across the city.

Using specific search criteria (location, start time, and duration), the AppyWay app enables Morrison Energy Services smart metering field technicians to see a real-time view of all on-street and off-street parking bays across the London area. 

The information provided includes resident bay restricted hours, single yellow line restricted hours and paid bay maximum stay limits.

Morrison Energy Service described locating available parking spaces around customer premises in London’s as an ‘everyday challenge’ and said that unavailable or restricted parking can potentially lead to a poor customer experience as appointments are delayed or even rescheduled.

The company also said lengthy searches for available parking spaces can also have an environmental impact, with wasted miles resulting in unnecessary fuel consumption and carbon emissions.

Jamie Morris, field operations manager at Morrison Energy Services, said: “We are continually reviewing ways to improve our service to clients and their customers by supporting our field technicians and helping to get them to their destination with minimum delay.

“Parking, particularly in London, is a huge challenge for our technicians and is too often the cause of an abortive visit that then needs to be rescheduled.

“The AppyWay app has shown that, with the right tools, we can begin to combat this issue and drive increased first-time job success.

"We are looking forward to expanding the use of the app to more of our technicians and tailoring the solution to better suit our processes.”

Dan Hubert, founder and chief executive officer at AppyWay, said: “We’re thrilled to have joined forces with Morrison Energy Services to improve both field technician and customer experiences through our next generation AppyWay mobile app.

"Searching for parking in the capital costs businesses in time and money.

"By providing field technicians with in-depth kerbside intelligence via the app, they are able to plan their parking options in advance including the walking distance from a particular parking bay to the customer’s house.

"This intelligence enables Morrison’s to reduce the number of rescheduled appointments leading to happier technicians and happier customers.”

Morrison Energy Services carries out smart meter home installation visits across the UK.

1 июля 2021 г. Road freight revenues set to grow by 4.3%, according to research

Global road freight revenues are expected to grow by an average of 4.3% annually from 2020 to 2025, according to new research by Shell and business consulting firm, Frost and Sullivan.

The whitepaper, ‘Navigating roadblocks in the long-haul road freight industry’, sheds light on the status of the commercial road freight industry, as the world responds to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The whitepaper examines developments within the industry, from how digitalisation is advancing fleet management solutions, to the role sustainable practices and decarbonisation strategies will play in futureproofing operations.

Shell said the research offers valuable insights to fleet professionals, helping them to better position themselves for the future.

Patrick Carré, vice president of commercial road transport at Shell, said: “Achieving an interconnected and more sustainable future requires collaboration with customers, partners and stakeholders.

“At Shell Fleet Solutions, we are committed to helping customers navigate shifts in the industry, by providing digital fleet management tools like Shell Telematics, streamlining tolling payments in Europe and increasing access to low emissions fuels, like LNG, BioLNG, hydrogen fuel cell and battery electric vehicles.

“These offers are designed to help fleets optimise their total cost of ownership (TCO) and improve security and convenience across operations with on the road services, while advancing sustainability goals.”

Shell and Mercedes-Benz Trucks have trialled the first digital in-truck payment system in the manufacturer’s Actros model for fuelling at selected Shell stations in Germany.

In the whitepaper, Frost and Sullivan identifies challenges faced by the road freight industry, including skilled-driver shortage, cost management, sustainability (decarbonisation), security and regulatory environment.

The road freight industry is seeing greater adoption of digitalisation, alternative fuels and supporting technologies, according to Frost and Sullivan.

The research indicates the shift towards digitalisation and acceleration of industry decarbonisation will play a pivotal role in reaching sustainability goals, while increasing efficiency and helping fleets to remain profitable.

21 июня 2021 г. Light Trucks with FAST 4E50 Electric Drivelines to Arrive in Columbia

Recently, a batch of light trucks equipped with FAST 4E50 electric drivelines were exported to Columbia. After their arrival, they will be immediately put into service. According to sources, over 300 units light trucks equipped with FAST 4E50 electric drivelines will arrive in Columbia for operation.


Equipped with advanced technologies, FAST 4E50 electric driveline can power 6-meter to 9-meter buses and light trucks and sanitation vehicles weighing less than ten tons. Delivering powerful performances, it works smoothly and achieves high reliability.


Adopting special sliding sleeve, the driveline has removed the synchronous structure and thus has significantly improved its overall reliability.

Thanks to its air shift system, the driveline has cut the gear shifting time in less than 0.6 second. In addition, it has gone through an endurance test of 30 million times, fully showcasing its high reliability.


15 июня 2021 г. 3 Important Things That You Should Consider When Choosing Cummins ISLe Parts

Are you planning to buy a Cummins ISLe parts for your automobile? But, you do not have any idea on what are the important things that you have to consider when choosing the one that you can buy? And to help you with that, you can read the list below that shows what these important things are.


Here is the list of the important things that you should consider when choosing a Cummins ISLe parts.


1. Reliability

The very first thing that most people look for a product is the reliability because this is where they can determine if the product has a good performance. With that, you should know that when choosing a Cummins ISLe parts, you also have to consider its reliability. Not only for you to know if it has a good performance and if it is functioning very well but also because it plays a vital part inside the different kinds of automobiles. It is very important that you have to consider its reliability over the price it has, because you can be assured that it is in highest – quality that you can rely on for more future purposes and uses.


2. Mode

Also comes in the list is the mode that your chosen Cummins ISLe parts should have; it means that you have to choose whether is it manual or electronic? It is because of the modernization that happens nowadays not only in this industry but as well as in the whole way of living, that is why it gives you more choices so that you can find the best and ideal one that you will need. And to take advantage to this, most people choose for an electronic one since that it is known for being a more precise, secure, and especially dependable. But, you need to know that being electronic is not always means that it can suit your needs and standards. With this, you have to make sure that the mode you will be choosing is suitable and works well to the needs of your automobile.


3. Compatibility

And lastly that you need to consider when choosing your own Cummins ISLe parts is the compatibility it has with the other parts of your automobile. Since that there are many manufacturers and suppliers that offer this kind of product, then you can expect that you can have a wide selection which you can choose from but also comes with this is that you have to check first what is the exact parts that you will be needing. You should know that its compatibility can greatly affect the performance not only the automobile itself but also the other parts it has.


Now that you know the important things that you should consider when choosing Cummins ISLe parts, you are now more knowledgeable to choose and buy the best one that you will need. And if you want to know more about this, you can also ask the help of an engine and automobile expert.


15 июня 2021 г. Actuator Not Moving? Engine Losing Power? Common VGT Turbo Questions


 One question comes to us from a user who asks: "My actuator is completely free when taken apart. I put it back together and it will not move at all. What is going on? Is the nozzle not properly lined up with the shroud? Is my turbo bad?"


 It's important to note that on VGT turbos you have a couple different components.

 One is the electronic portion of the turbo, and that includes your actuator. Then you have the mechanical portion inside the turbo. This includes your vanes and shroud plate.


 Typically, if your actuator is bad, you're going to have fault codes relating to your actuator. It's an electronic device, so you're going to have an electronic feedback to the ECM letting you know what's bad.

 Based on the info we have, this sounds like an issue with the mechanical portion of the turbo, your vanes and shroud plate. If your vanes have any type of debris on them or are bent at all, the vanes will have a hard time traveling through the shroud plate.


 You could try taking off the shroud plate with the exhaust housing, which is absolutely going to free up your vanes to move in and out freely because they're not trying to get through the shroud plate. So, this could help you identify whether you're looking at damaged vanes causing your turbo to malfunction.


 Another commenter writes: "I have a 2015 Kenworth with a Paccar MX 13 engine. All of a sudden it loses power for a little bit and comes back again. On the computer, it says data erratic and sometimes it says VGT Actuator 1. What do you guys think?"




 We'd probably break this down into two possibilities. Again, you could have a mechanical problem or an electrical problem. The trick is to take the code you're getting and determine if it's referring to an electrical problem or a mechanical problem. We just don't have enough information here to determine exactly what it is.


 On your turbocharger, you've got an ECM that's controlling an actuator. That ECM sends a signal out to your actuator, telling it things like: "Hey, the engine needs more air, so you need to move." Then it gets a reference back. If it sends 5 volts out and it's supposed to move 30 degrees, then it's supposed to get something like 3 volts back. If it only gets 1 or 2 volts back, your computer will throw a code saying it's not moving where it's supposed to be.

 Or you could have something going on mechanically. So, something in the turbo might be binding or locking up, and your ECM is telling it where it needs to be, but it can't get there physically because of carbon in the system, bent fins in the actuator, or whatever it may be. So we really need to break this problem down and determine if it's mechanical or electrical.



 You can probably take that system, get your fault code, and figure out what's going on there. If you have an electrical problem, it could be wiring, it could be a short circuit in the system, or it could be wires rubbed through. If it's mechanical, you may have a broken component, binding, or sticking.

2 января 2018 г. Happy New Year

  At the beginning of 2018, Hubei July wish all the clients a happy new year. We sincerely thank you for your support in the past year 2017 and wish 2018 bring you the happiness, new dreams and great achievements. All the best wishes to you and to your families.

 We are happy to be with your trust and hope our relationship becomes even more strengtheded and we together pusure the path of success in 2018.

29 декабря 2017 г. New hybrid battery 48 volts from Bosch

l  Short development times: Bosch is an incubator of electromobility

l  New 48-volt battery systematically designed to save fuel

l  Michael Budde: “We are confident that this will position us as the market leader for 48-volt batteries.”

Gerlingen, Germany – Bosch’s new 48-volt battery for hybrids is in demand by automakers across the globe. Similar to the Bosch e-axle, this innovative 48-volt battery is standardized for easy integration into new vehicle models. Established manufacturers and start-ups alike can thus eliminate long and expensive development processes. “Bosch is an incubator of electromobility. We help manufacturers reduce their development times and launch their products faster,” says Dr. Rolf Bulander, chairman of the Bosch Mobility Solutions business sector and member of the board of management of Robert Bosch GmbH. This means that installation of the lithium-ion battery will benefit not only compact cars, but mini- and microcars as well. Production of the battery is scheduled to start in late 2018. Anticipating a large market for entry-level hybrids, Bosch offers other powertrain components for these models in addition to the 48-volt battery. The company estimates that some 15 million 48-volt hybrid vehicles will be on the road by 2025.


The art of the battery: standardized and easy to use

Automakers everywhere – whether in China, Europe, or North America – are all striving to cut CO2 emissions, which in practice means reducing cars’ fuel consumption. Bosch has systematically designed its new 48-volt battery to do precisely that. For instance, the lithium-ion cells Bosch uses are as compact as possible while still achieving a reduction in CO2. The 48-volt battery is in high demand, particularly among Chinese manufacturers, and the lithium-ion unit is poised to become a global success. Bosch is already in talks with over a dozen customers and has secured a considerable number of production projects.

The secret of the battery’s success is its sophisticated concept, which offers a comparatively inexpensive way to help reduce vehicle CO2 emissions. This is also due to the product design, as the battery requires no active cooling and its housing is made of plastic, not metal. Both these factors bring costs down still further. The plastic housing presents a real challenge, as lithium-ion cells expand when the battery is charging and over the course of the unit’s service life. As a result, the housing must withstand a certain amount of stress. Bosch engineers rearranged the cells in the 48-volt battery so that even plastic housing can bear the pressure.

“We at Bosch have long been making upfront investments in electromobility. Now those investments are gradually starting to pay off,” says Dr. Mathias Pillin, head of electromobility at Bosch. On the world’s roads, there are already well over 500,000 electric and hybrid cars fitted with Bosch components. The company invests 400 million euros a year in electromobility. Bosch has years of experience from more than 30 production projects, including in the manufacture of batteries, and that expertise is now bearing fruit. As Michael Budde, head of Bosch Battery Systems, puts it: “We are demonstrating that there is more to a battery than making it perform faster, stronger, farther; instead, there is an art to finding a suitable user-friendly solution.”

With its new battery, Bosch is playing a key role in making the 48-volt hybrid affordable for the mass market. This would make it possible for the powertrain to quickly become a hybrid for everybody – and not only in China: as the mass market for hybrids expands, Bosch expects its battery to find success in Japan and Europe as well. “We are confident that this will position us as the market leader for 48-volt batteries,” Budde says.

Q&A — More information about the 48-volt battery

How does a 48-volt hybrid save on fuel?

A 48V hybrid can considerably cut its fuel consumption through the use of a boost recuperation system (BRS). Here’s how it works: a conventional car loses energy whenever the driver brakes. The BRS stores this braking energy in a 48V battery and applies it later when the driver accelerates (electronic boost). This requires less fuel – and produces less CO2 in the exhaust.

Why is China seen as an e-mobility pioneer?

With more than half a million models sold, China is by far the world’s largest market for electric vehicles. It is a world leader in e-vehicle production, too. Electric vehicles and hybrids are set to take over still more of the Chinese market, especially with government support.

Why is the new battery more efficient when it comes to CO2?

No other country in the world emits as much CO2 into the atmosphere as China. It has set itself a fleet target of 117 g/km by 2021, and China’s automakers are looking to the 48-volt hybrid system to help them achieve this goal. Bosch’s new and less expensive 48-volt battery will make the system more affordable for a broader market, and will thus help Chinese automakers considerably reduce CO2 emissions.


22 декабря 2017 г. Cummins Releases New Generators in QuietConnect Series

New stand-by generator models, RS125 and RS150, for home and light commercial use are released in time for winter storm season and beyond 

Cummins, Inc. (NYSE: CMI) announced the new RS125 and RS150 models in the QuietConnect series, now ranging from 13 kW up to 150 kW to back up larger homes and small businesses, including dental and medical offices, grocery stores, gas stations and strip malls. The 125 kW and 150 kW models will be released in the beginning of January 2018, just in time for winter storm season. 

The new generators were designed to weather everything from biting winter storms to high-powered hurricanes. Both models are equipped to operate under extreme environmental conditions including cold weather starts well below 0°F and can withstand winds of up to 180 miles per hour when equipped with the necessary accessories. The generator can operate reliably in ambient temperatures up to 122°F, providing peace of mind to consumers worried about grid failure due to extreme heat. The generators are ideal for powering both homes and small businesses through prolonged power outages. 

“Every year during winter storm season, hundreds of thousands – sometimes millions – of people lose power, which, in many cases also means heat,” said Jodie Wilson, director of marketing communications at Cummins. “Our new generators are designed to power up seamlessly when the power goes down, providing home and business owners with a peace of mind that their families and businesses won’t be without lights and heat in the winter months or air conditioning in the summer months. We’re constantly looking for new ways to serve our customer base, expanding our capabilities and proving to them that Cummins is the brand they can trust with what matters most.” 

The RS125 and RS150 are powered by the Cummins QSJ8.9G spark-ignited engine, an adaptation of the rugged and reliable QSL9 diesel engine which was engineered to power demanding commercial applications such as construction, agriculture, and mining equipment, as well as trucks. Gas-powered generators like these provide an advantage when diesel supplies may be interrupted by severe weather. For homeowners and small business owners, this means that they now have a more robust solution to support their power needs in the case of outages. 

Both models use PowerCommand®2.3 electronic control, an industry-leading self-diagnostic system, designed to ensure service and preventative maintenance can be completed in a short period of time. Additionally, it allows users can put the generator into Flexible Exercise Mode, enabling the generator to exercise at a time, frequency and duration set by the customer, in as little as two minutes every six months. 

Patented sound technology, coupled with an advanced and aesthetically pleasing housing design, make the QuietConnect among the quietest generators available on the market today. The RS125 and RS150 are backed by a 2-year limited warranty and supported by a nationwide dealer network of over 500 dealers specializing in installing and servicing generators for homes and small businesses, to provide additional peace of mind to consumers. 

David Richey, President for Benchmark Electric, the Cummins-authorized dealer based in Cordova, Tenn., said, “We have had great success with the QuietConnect and the Connect Series products, as a result of superior design and engineering coupled with competitive pricing. The introduction of the RS125 and 150 closes the gap in the standby market, by providing a solution for the mid-size customer base.”


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